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At Svenska Kakaobolaget (The Swedish Cacao Company) we have crafted Swedish bean to bar chocolate since 2013.

We are not your average chocolate maker. Our idea of chocolate and how it should be is many times the opposite of what the traditional chocolate industry thinks. As provocative as this can be to the establishment, our mission is not to produce the average anonymous chocolate bar. We are dedicated to finding cacao with amazing flavors that will result in delicious, unexpected chocolate.

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Our starting point is great cacao beans, full of natural, and distinct flavors, and we see it as our job to bring them out in the chocolate we make. That is why we slow roast our beans in small batches and keep ingredients to a minimum. We do not compromise when it comes to the taste and purity of our chocolate.

We travel around the world to find extraordinary cacao and we work with producers who share our values and view on quality. We do not certify our chocolate but ensure by other means that the beans are organic, that the price is fair and that the working conditions are good. Working in a fully transparent way, you can follow every step of our process from the beans at origin to the chocolate in your hand.

Discover for yourself how flavorful every bite can be. Our hope is that you will find our chocolates truly surprising.



In our single origin range we strive to bring out the specific and unique flavor notes that can be found in cocoa from different regions. We only add sugar in these bars, no extra cocoa butter, vanilla or soy lecithin, in order to create chocolate that is as natural and clear in taste as possible. In our flavored bars we include interesting flavors with a Swedish touch, creating different expressions. You can find and buy all of our bars in our web shop.

Single origins bean to bar Kakaobolaget


Our philosophy is straightforward. We source great cacao and work with great people.

Our beans derive from flavorsome cacao that is nurtured in a sustainable way and handled with care. The farmers are paid a steady premium, which creates a true incentive to improve and maintain quality. We work with people we know and trust and that share our values. But what’s more important to you is that everything we do is transparent, so you can follow the process every step of the way.

As a result from what we learnt by dealing directly with cacao producers around the world, we have taken the bold decision not to certify our chocolate through a third party organization. We want to work beyond expensive certifications where quality and flavor is left out of the picture and the farmer, not the consumer, is the one paying the price. We strongly believe in transparency and accountability as key factors towards a truly sustainable, and fair world.

If you still have any doubts please feel free to contact us directly and we will happily share how we work in greater detail. These are questions very close to our hearts.

To read the sourcing reports of our current origins, see links below.

Ucayali River Cacao, Peru

Semuliki Forest Cacao, Uganda

Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

Coop-id, Matale, Sri Lanka

Öko Caribe, Dominican Republic 

Cortés, Honduras


cacao sacks bean to bar Kakaobolaget


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Daniel Berlin Krog, Skåne-Tranås
Sebastien på Söder, Stockholm
Café Pascal, Stockholm
Feldts Bröd och konfekt, Halmstad
Villa Strandvägen, Ystad
Hörte Brygga, Hörte
Julie, Malmö
Matbaren by Mathias Dahlgren, Stockholm
Rutabaga, Stockholm
Fotografiska, Paul Svensson, Stockholm
19 glas, Stockholm
Restaurang Prospero, Stockholm


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The summer of 2013. The vacation that never ended. That is one way to describe it. What we thought would be a brief stop for a cup of coffee in a small village in Österlen ended up being the biggest change of our lives. Instead of buying coffee, we left our busy city lives in Stockholm and bought a huge 19th century red brick school building and moved to the countryside. Three month later we founded The Swedish Cacao Company (Svenska Kakaobolaget) one of the early craft chocolate, bean to bar factories, in Sweden.

What made us fall in love with chocolate from the start was flavor. But after we learned more about cacao varieties, fermentation, roasting and all other flavor impacting stages of the process, that’s when we knew we had to start a chocolate factory.

Our aim was and still is to make chocolate out of cacao varieties that have naturally extraordinary flavors.

For us, the added emulsifiers, extra fat and vanilla, that is common practice in traditional, commercial and re-melted chocolate, often gets in the way of experiencing the pure taste of the cacao.

We want to add a different perspective on what chocolate can be in terms of flavor and join the global craft chocolate movement that source cacao in a honest, sustainable and transparent way. Step by step we are working together as a community to change the chocolate industry and we hope you want to join us.

Fredrik & Ulrika