Svenska Kakaobolaget (The Swedish Cocoa Company) is Sweden’s foremost chocolate maker. We travel around the world in the hunt for the very best cacao. We roast it gently and slowly turn it into chocolate in small batches.

Just as with coffee or wine you can find individual flavor notes depending on what type of cacao is used and where it is grown. Rather than hiding the flavors behind the addition of extra fat, soy lecitine and vanilla we want to highlight the individual nuances of each bean. That’s why you will only find two ingredients in our chocolate – cacao beans and some sugar.

We are not your average chocolate maker. Our idea of chocolate and how it should be is many times the opposite of what the traditional chocolate industry thinks. As provocative as this can be to the establishment, our mission is not to produce the average anonymous chocolate bar. We are dedicated to find cacao with unusual flavors that will result in extraordinary chocolate. The kind of chocolate that blows your mind and reveals a whole new range of flavors. If you have tried one of our bars you probably know what we mean.

As we buy the beans directly from the farmers we can ensure organic farming, fair pricing and good working conditions. All this so you can enjoy fair and traceable chocolate with clear individual flavor profiles

We don’t melt chocolate, we make it.

svenska kakaobolaget cocoa bags


Sri Lanka 70%

The unique Ceylon cacao is one of its kind and can only be found in small quantities. We work directly together with a small farmer cooperative committed to sustainable and organic farming. The cacao grows alongside exotic fruits and spices and is carefully harvested twice each year. The chocolate is high in acidity with notes of black tea, herbs, spices and subtle red fruits.

Bean: Ceylon aromatic, organic
Region: Matale, central part
Fermentation: 6 days in wooden boxes. Turned three times.
Drying method: Combination of raised dry beds and wood fired ovens
Roast profile: Low roast
Conch: 48 hours
Ageing: 2-4 weeks

Tanzania 74%

We buy the cacao directly from a cooperative of about 2000 smallholder farmers committed to organic farming. The cacao grows in the Kilombero Valley bordering the Udzungwa Mountains, surrounded by highly fertile land, with good rainfall. The 2015 harvest has strong notes of dried figs and raisins as well as hints of red fruit and wood. It is well rounded with low astringency and a high natural sweetness.

Bean: Mainly trinitario, organic
Region: Kilombero valley in the Morogoro region
Fermentation: 6 days in wooden boxes, eucalyptus base. Turned day three and five.
Drying method: Sun dried on raised dry beds
Roast profile: Low roast
Conch: 46 hours
Ageing: 2-4 weeks

Peru 68%

We work directly with a cocoa and coffee cooperative of about 1200 farmers committed to organic farming. The cacao is a unique mix for the Amazonas. The beans can be recognized by being bigger than normal  with a paper thin husk. The chocolate has notes of saffron and hints of exotic fruits.

Bean: Sweet amazonic, organic
Region: Lamas, northern part
Fermentation: Box fermented, 7 days
Drying method: Sun dried on raised dry beds
Roast profile: Interval roast, high and low
Conch: 30 hours
Ageing: 2 weeks

bean to bar chocolate svenska kakaobolaget


Peppermint 73%

Our signature dark chocolate blended with the finest peppermint. Subtle tones of peppermint giving a refreshing touch. For the refined taster.

Cardamom 71%

Crushed cardamom blended with our signature dark chocolate. Like a cardamom bun, but in chocolate. An instant classic.

bean to bar chocolate svenska kakaobolaget


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Available at selected partners, such as:
Nordiska kompaniet (NK Saluhall), Stockholm
Urban deli nytorget, Stockholm
Drop Coffee, Stockholm
Vallgatan 12, Göteborg
Grand hotell deli, Lund
Ola & Ko, Malmö

Used in restaurants such as:
Daniel Berlin Krog, Skåne-Tranås
Mathias Dahlgren, Stockholm

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Svenska Kakaobolaget was founded in early 2015 by the chocolate nerds Ulrika and Fredrik. They had grown tired of the fact that so called chocolate factories don’t make chocolate, but rather buy chocolate and re-melt it. They had also grown tired of the fact that much of the chocolate on the market is of poor quality where the beans have been treated badly. Instead they are on a mission to show what real chocolate is about and the abundance of flavors that can be found in great cacao. They also want to contribute to a sustainable cocoa production where the farmers are fairly compensated. The factory is located in the beautiful Österlen region in the south of Sweden.